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Concrete Pavers Amarillo

If you want good pavement, you have to go with concrete pavers in Amarillo. There are just a ton of reasons why. It’s durable, low maintenance, cheaper, and the best option long-term.

Is Concrete more durable than asphalt?

Yes. YES YES YES! Concrete can literally last 30 YEARS if maintained properly. 30 years! It’s more resistant to breaking down and distortion from exposure to weather. And concrete isn’t a flexible material, so it has no problem with handling heavier weight than asphalt.

Does concrete get hot in the summer?

It can, sure. But concrete actually absorbs less UV from the sun than asphalt does. This means that it gets less hot and will be much more comfortable to walk on.

Is concrete easy to maintain?

Concrete is so easy to clean. You can almost get away with just sweeping and spraying some water, but if your car leaks some fluids all you need to do is brush it with soap and warm water.

Is concrete boring?

Sure, we think of a big gray slab of concrete as concrete. But if you get it resurfaced it can change its appearance entirely! Not to mention all the other methods of decorative concrete that can be used to make concrete look stunning!

Is concrete or asphalt cheaper?

Our concrete pavers in Amarillo are much cheaper than asphalt pavers. And on top of that, the concrete becomes a cheaper option in the long-term thanks to its durability and low maintenance.

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